DETROIT Junior Roller Derby Skill Levels

Detroit Junior Roller Derby adopts the skill levels as laid out by the Junior Roller Derby Association.  Skaters will be taught everything they need to be successful.  Below are the different skill levels that we will use to group skaters and ensure that they are safely skating with those of the same skill level.

  • Beginning Skaters, Skill Level 0 – Beginning skaters are learning to skate and practicing basic safety, skating, stopping, and falling. They do not play derby, but focus on learning basic skating skills and the very basics of derby.

  • Skill Level I – Level I skaters are becoming masters of their skates, learning basic game play and teamwork, and beginning to scrimmage and bout positionally. They are beginning to learn more advanced rules and strategies. Level I skaters typically play exhibition games within their own league.

  • Skill Level II – Level II skaters are playing using pushing contact only in scrimmages and games. They are also learning advanced teamwork, rules and regulations, and strategic play; practices emphasize fluidity of motion and building skeletal muscular strength and endurance. Typically, skaters are age 9 or above when they are able to meet Level II requirements, but there is no set age requirement. Level II skaters typically play regulation games within their own league, or scrimmages and exhibition games between leagues.

  • Skill Level III – Skaters who pass the Skill Level III Assessment demonstrate adult level competency on skates and with the rules. Level III skaters practice, scrimmage and play using full-contact rules. Level III skaters play JRDA sanctioned games for inter-league rankings, and in JRDA tournaments and championships. In addition, Level III skaters are expected to help teach lower-level skaters and to be ambassadors for the league.


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