Motor City Mayhem Tournament Brings The Nation's Best Skaters To The Detroit Area

Hello Detroit Roller Derby fans!

Photo: Josh Kahl

Photo: Josh Kahl

We are still winding down from a whirlwind weekend of roller derby. We hope you had as much fun as we did! The Motor City Mayhem tournament brought lots of hard hitting action to the Taylor Sportsplex. Skaters from Florida, New York and Grand Rapids descended on the area and while here they worked hard to make their hometowns proud.

Here's a recap of the weekend games:

Tampa Bay Tantrums (A) 191
Queen City Lake Effect Furies (A) 156

Tampa Bruise Crew (B) 191
Grand Raggidy Allstars (A) 166

Detroit Roller Derby Allstars (A) 162
Tampa Bay Tantrums (A) 235

Detroit Roller Derby Allstars (B) 213
Tampa Bruise Crew (B) 268

Detroit Roller Derby Allstars (A) 229
Queen City Lake Effect Furies (A) 285

Detroit Roller Derby Allstars (B) 355
Grand Raggidy Allstars (A) 173

See you soon!